Established in 1990, Orchestral Corporation is a Canadian owned and privately funded company that is focused on the research and development of Internet enabled "Business Intelligence" applications, tools and services.

Originally launched as a high-tech consultant firm, the company's gradual shift in focus developed from a growing need among corporations to harness their product information in an intelligent, efficient manner.


Orchestral Corporation has taken it's knowledge gained from years of diverse consulting engagements to create business intelligence tools that conform to each clients unique needs.

Broadly defined, "Business Intelligence" tools are environments that provide the client with the culling, filtering and analytical instruments needed for the reporting and facilitating of subsequent required action.

Our global clients are predominantly major multinational firms that choose Orchestral Corporation products and services to form strategic components of their businesses.

Our aptitude lies in creating technologies that provide solutions for business issues often thought of as unrealizable.


While research and development is the Orchestral teams primary focus, our members also assist our clients with advisory consulting services, participate in local and international business technology speaking engagements and contribute to traditional and on-line publications.